Misa Funai
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Misa Funai

Misa Funai

Misa FUNAI《Paradise/Boundary –SINME-》2020 stainless steel
Photo: Keizo Kioku


Born 1974, Kyoto prefecture. Graduated MFA in Art & Design, University of Tsukuba, 2001. Works in line drawing and installations employing mirrors and shaped canvasses. Her work focusses on painting as material, and non-material images, expanding the possibilities of painting by pushing the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional form. In recent years her exhibitions feature her “Rakuen” (Paradise) series, which is drawn on mirrors and brings the viewer into the artwork itself, creating an intersection of past and future, imagination and reality. VOCA2009 & VOCA2010 “The Vision of Contemporary Art”, The Ueno Royal Museum. Solo exhibition “Paradise/Boundary : where we once were”, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, etc.


《Mountain Hole : peek into the forest》2013
Stainless mirror , diameter 900mm